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12 Best Hair Hats To Protect Your Natural Hair

Silke London

The last time I went to bed without a hair cap, I woke up to find my pillowcase covered in hair oil (bad for my skin) and my hair hot, frizzy (bad for, well, me). Not to sound dramatic, but hair hats are just as essential as oxygen. Wrapping your hair in a cap will extend the life of the style, prevent frizz and retain moisture while you put your Zzzz in. Sleeping without hair can dry out your hair, break it and disrupt your style. Silk or satin hats offer all those benefits wrapped in a plush, soft fabric that makes styling your hair the next morning a more seamless process. You can never have too many hats, so here are 13 of the best hats to keep your hair happy, healthy and hydrated.

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1 Hair wrap The Sienna

Designed with silk inside and out, your hair will rest as peacefully as all night and look frizz-free in the morning.

2 Night Cap: Mulberry Silk Hair Extension Hat

This ultra-soft hat sits comfortably on your head to protect your hair from tension, frizz and movement throughout the night.

3 SL Raw Satin Hood with Tie Edge

This affordable hat is a must-have just because of its large size (unusual for those with thick, long hair) and tie band. After gathering your hair into the cap, make sure the hat stays in place by pulling the tie tight and closing it with a bow.

4 Sassy Hair Cap Expandable Satin Sleeping Cap – Pink

This versatile bonnet option is ideal for those who like a different look. The expandable cap falls down in the back to match longer hairstyles like braids, then flips up and secures in the front for shorter hairstyles.

5 St. Lucia Cream Satin Bonnet

Glow by Daye’s favorite hats are double lined with satin on the inside of the cap to protect your hair and satin on the outside for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Tifara Beauty

Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Hood

So this is not a hood you can sleep in, but it still deserves your attention. Make the most of your wash day by investing in a cordless heated hat that can be used to help deep conditioners and other hair treatments penetrate the hair.



Emma Surgical Cap Scrub

Saving lives is no small feat, and the last thing medical workers should worry about is getting flies in their faces all day long. Much cuter than the disposables commonly worn by doctors and nurses, this “cap scrub” is big enough for thicker, curly hair.

Cantu’s option doubles as a headscarf and hat in one. Tie the built-in bandana tightly around your head to protect your edges from breakage and to keep your hat from slipping in mid-sleep.



Jumbo Satin Bonnet For Braids

Sitting for more than seven hours installing a protective style is stressful enough. Finding a nightcap with enough room to protect the hairstyle should be the easy part. This super long hood relieves that stress. It creeps up to your mid-back to give your medium-length box braids breathing room and keep them frizz-free.


Vernon Francois


Hats usually only have a drawstring, but this one from Vernon Francois swaps the drawstring for two long strings that you can tie around your head for extra support during those restless nights.



Satin nightcap – Blush

Kitsch’s pink satin version with a similar tie mechanism to the others on this list is an even prettier alternative to your favorite durag.


Grace Eleyae

Satin lined cap

For a hat you can wear every day, look no further than Grace Eleyae’s collection of practical headwear. The satin-lined leg doubles as a nightcap and an everyday beanie that keeps hair hydrated and protected no matter what.

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