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11 Methods to Make Your Makeup Look More ‘Makeup’, According to Experts

If you’ve been on beauty TikTok recently, you’ve probably come across stitched videos of something Mary Skinner posted a few weeks ago looking for advice on how to make her makeup look more like she puts it,” makeup-y’.

Skinner essentially indicated that she was bored with her old makeup routine and wanted expert advice and tips on how to enhance and improve her appearance. In response, she received several viral responses from both professional makeup artists and amateurs about how to achieve her desired result.

It seems like thousands of beauty enthusiasts shared her same curiosity, with many questions about specific techniques that can help achieve that truly snatched look. With that in mind, we approached a number of beauty experts to get their professional tips and tricks to help us on this journey to take our makeup routines to the next level, asking the question, “how do you get their makeup done? up look more makeup?”

Ahead, 11 techniques to try.

Try ‘Underpainting’

“This technique involves ‘painting’ the face with deep contours, bright highlights and neutralizing tones before applying your foundation,” explains Mikayla Nogueira, makeup artist and TikTokker. “Brush liquid or cream contours to the face to create shadows. Then apply a layer of a much lighter concealer than you would normally use, and apply wherever you want to brighten it up. Mix thoroughly.” Nogueira suggests filling that in with a foundation that matches the skin tone all over the face. “In general, this makes the face look ripped out, but it also allows you to use a lot less foundation, which will prevent a cake-y finish,” explains the professional. “This is typically used by red carpet makeup artists, models, and photography or videography.”

Use false eyelashes

“There’s nothing more ‘makeup’ than false lashes,” notes Nogueira, adding that they don’t necessarily have to be “over-the-top dramatic” to impress. “It’s unbelievable what a small, natural lash can do for the face.”

Nogueira also recommends the technique many professionals use to apply natural length lashes and then place larger flared individual lash clusters towards the center and outer part of the eyes. “It gives the best lifted look, and in many cases people may not even know you have false lashes – yet they will be drawn to the beauty of the eyes.”

Low like a pro

“I love to layer, working with liquids and creams from scratch and then building the look with powders,” says Nogueira, who prefers a method of dabbing liquid highlighters over the high points of the face first for a smoother look. illuminated glow from within, then top with a powder highlighter to boost both shine and staying power. “I also do this with blush, as blush tends to fade during the day,” explains Nogueira.

Add colorful accents

“Adding a pop of color in unexpected places on the face, like the tops of the cheeks just below the eyes or near the bridge or tip of the nose, elevates even the simplest of makeup,” says Taylour Chanel, a makeup artist. up professional from Los Angeles. † “It looks intentional, youthful and extremely cute on almost everyone. Try a new bold blush shade to really explore and give your makeup a more ‘put up’.”

Try multiple lip products at once

“Use more than one product on the lip if you don’t already,” suggests Chanel, who currently prefers a combination of a neutral or cool brown liner, “lightly blended with the lip,” with a natural-colored shimmer. on top. Chanel calls this a “modern take on the ’90s supermodel look.”

Embrace a variety of finishes

“If there’s one thing TikTok has taught me, it’s the value of different types of products,” Chanel says. “Gone are the days of ‘I only wear powders,’ so use cream and balm products and use a sheer hydrating powder instead of a hyper-matte powder for a natural, glossy finish that blends beautifully and looks more professional.”

Use Primer – generous

Primer is often overlooked as an extra step in a makeup routine, but Chanel emphasizes that it can go a long way in making a finished face look more professional. The makeup pro recommends using primer before every step: on eyelashes, skin and as a base for any eye makeup. “This one product gives your makeup the best chance of looking professional, blending evenly and lasting longer. Try it and see how your artistry improves,” Chanel adds.

Prioritize skin care

Amber Amos, makeup artist and founder of Our Beauty Edit, is all about taking care of the skin as an aid to makeup application. “To make sure you can apply products without getting cake-y, skin care is the most important step,” says Amos. “Make sure you’re hydrated, especially if you have dry skin, and matted if you’re oily.”

Avoid a Cake-y Finish

“If you’re using a liquid concealer, let it dry a bit before blending — that will help maximize coverage,” Amos advises. “Finely ground loose powders are great for setting concealer and foundation without getting cakey. Layered products can also get that ripped-out look and provide long-lasting hold, like using a cream contour first, then a powder.”

Use the right tools

All those layers and blending are only as good as the tools used to do it, Amos says: “When it comes to tools, I use brushes for everything. Typically more dense and shorter hair brushes for complexion and blending, and for the fluffier side to put on.”

Don’t be afraid to go off-label

Amanda Benko, a Vancouver makeup artist, insists on a sense of curiosity and adventure when approaching makeup. This means that you should not always limit yourself to what a product’s label says: “A professional tip that I have embraced over the years is not to hesitate to use things that are not used on the market. Try for example, using your favorite lipstick as a blush. Try using your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Some of my best looks have been achieved this way. I like to mix products together to create unique formulas and color combinations.”

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